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Jesus Christ to me is an inspiration and should be to all who know what He has done to the world. Jesus changed the world in an awesome way by showing everyone who met Him, that love should come naturally and evil and harm are horrible things that shouldn't exist.

He removed hatred and cruelty from the hearts of the weak and strong, replacing it with a passion to be kind, helpful and caring.

Jesus was such an amazing historical figure that 2014 years after His death, we still remember how He helped us discover the values we should aim to withhold.

Jesus is and will continue to be an admirable person whom we should all aim to be more like.

My final picture was chosen because I believe it shows how even today, Jesus watches over us, protecting us and guiding us away from wrong.

This is my final blog and I'd like to say thanks to everyone who reads it and thanks to my teacher for this great assessment task. :)